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Dread Falls & Clip-In Dreadlocks

Dread falls and clip-in dreadlocks by Magic Tribal Hair are made of special super lightweight yarn dreadlocks.

Use them for updos, lush dreads braids and huge buns, too, they are extremely easy to handle and style and very carefree! The dreadlock stylings below are all made of a single size L 60 cm/ 24 inches long dreads hair fall, but there are other sizes and lengths up to 90 cm/ 36 inches available, too.

Naturally we seal all yarn-ends to prevent each loc from unravelling and get you a long-lasting hair piece! Most of your yarns are made of a wool-synthetics mixture, a couple of dread falls are vegan and of 100 % synthetic fibre, you find a list with links at the bottom of this page.

Clip-in dreadlocks as highlights for long hair and dread fall in short hair

You don't want an entire dread fall and prefer your locs to mix with your own, long hair? Or you just want some dreadlocks as highlights in your own hair or in a hair fall of synthetic kanekalon hair? Then our clip-in dreads are perfect for you!
Or do you have short hair (minimum length 2 inches) and need some easy to handel dreads-extensions? Then a set of our clip-ins might be exactly what you are looking for!
Clip-in dreadlocks are available in different lengths and set sizes, larger sets we offer with some discount.

Costume set: Dreads falls with matching hip & belt tassels

Especially belly dancers and larpers love wearing costume sets, so especially our colorful dread falls have a matching hip & belt tassel model made of the same dreadlock yarns! Naturally slightly different tassels can be a great match, too, we show you the best matching models in "related items" at the bottom of the item description of each dread fall.

Fantasy dreadlocks with feathers and leaves

Do you want a super special fantasy hair piece for your cosplay, tribal fusion belly dance or larp costume? Order your dread fall with peacock feather decoration, peacock fringes or choose from different variants of leaves as decoration! Even our clip-in dreads extensions are available with ostrich plumes and peacock feathers. Naturally you can complete your styling set with one of our many peacock headpieces or ostrich feather fascinators!

Instructions for use, attachment and care are included

All dreadlocks can be washed in lukewarm water with washing liquid or powder for sensitive fabrics and wool. Falls with decoration should only be washed if the decoration can be left outside the basin. 

Vegan clip-in dreads:
Colors 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 32 in all offers.

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