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Hip & Hair Tassel Clips

Hip & hair tassel clips are wonderful eye catchers for costuming! Don't miss our enchanting models with peacock feathers!

Tassel clips made of colorful yarns and with whimsical decorations! Use our hip and hair tassel clips to pimp your belly dance skirt, fantasy costume (especially mermaid, elf, fairy, magician and pirate costumes) and Gothic lolita or steampunk outfit! Our tassel clips look great on any skirt, basic belly dance and yoga pants and hip scarf and naturally as hair jewelry as well, read more below.

How to wear hip and hair tassels

Hip & hair tassel clips by Magic Tribal Hair are very versatile. Use a single one as yarn hair fall, a pair as headpiece (add cowry hair jewelryhair flowers or other hair jewelry for an even more extravagant look!). Yarn tassel clips can be used in tied up hair (ponytail, hair bun or other updo) or on a headband or hair scarf. A simple hip scarf and a single tassel or a pair of yarn tassels make a fancy fusion tribal belly dance belt or costume. Yarn tassel clips with or without peacock feathers go great with tribal and yoga pants, too and they turn simple basic skirts into great belly dance costumes! Naturally you can also wear these tassel falls criss cross - which is our favorite - one on your belt on the left and one on your head on the right or vice versa! By the way, you find pictures of all these looks in each yarn tassel listing.

What is the difference between hip & hair tassels and a yarn hair fall?

Both items are made of yarns and we have some hip and hair tassel models as bigger yarn hair falls as well. Yarn falls come on a hair tie and are for ponytail attachment only. They are more voluminous (meining they consist of more yarns) than yarn tassels/ hip and hair tassels, because they are worn as hair falls and should be comparable to a real, voluminous ponytail.
Hip and hair tassels are the "little sister" of the yarn fall: They come on a special clip to wear them on your tribal fusion belt, skirt or pants; belly dance hip scarf or as hair jewelry and hair falls in your own hair. You cannot attach use them as a ponytail; hip and hair tassels are rather worn at the side of your head and attached either to a hair scarf or hair that is tied together in a ponytail or an updo. They should not be worn in open hair without any headband or hair scarf, because they pull and tweak without this additional support or the hold tied together hair provides.
Tassel pairs are very popular for creating a flexible headpiece, use a hair scarf as base, attach the tassel clips and add some cowry hair jewelryhair flowers or other hair jewelry to complete the tribal fusion belly dance look! Since this headpiece is not made in one piece, you can use the single components for other costumes and even wear the basic parts like hair flowers for everyday styling.

A complete set with a matching yarn or dread fall

Naturally you are free to combine hip and hair tassels with yarn and dread falls to get a perfect set - hip & hair tassel clip Emerald Fairy naturally goes perfect with yarn fall Emerald Fairy. Actually the tassel clip is the smaller variant of a yarn or dread fall! You find respective matching yarn or dread fall in the related items section at the end of the item description. Since our yarn tassel clips are more popular than yarn hair falls, we have a matching hair fall version for the most popular tassel clips only.

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