Wear our hair flowers as hair jewelry, flower brooch, shoe clip, bag clip and clipped onto large earrings, flat rings and arm bands - our professional clip attachment guarantees strong hold and versatility! - Magic Tribal Hair - Schlegel Str. 30 - 50935 Cologne - Germany

Hair Flowers, Shoe Clips, Brooches ...

How to wear our hair flowers as shoe clips, bag clips, on jewelry and as hair jewelry!

Hair flowers by Magic Tribal Hair are many in one items: 
Use them as flower shoe clips, as flower clips on flat jewelry (rings, arm bands, larger earrings), as flower brooches on ties, shoulder straps and collars, too! 
They have strong hold on all flat surfaces and in hair due to their professional clip attachment. 

Browse all hair flowers or look at flower pairs or popular sets only. The sections below will help you to find what you are looking for!

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