Henna Brown Dread Fall Dreadlocks

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Delivery time: Category 2: I am handmade to order esp. 4 U! Europe & UK: 8-12 BD, USA: 10-16 BD, CA/ AU/ NZ: 12-18 BD, BD=business days, applies only if you pay & note hair color details promptly with your order. Ordering 2 or more items? Please check info in policies!

Model: Henna Brown dreadlocks

Dreads Ø 0.5 - 1.3 cm/ 0.2-0.5''

Choose between different lenghts and sizes in the overview below this description!  The pictures in most listings show size L, because this is the most wanted size and it is great for all the different stylings!

This hair fall is made of special dreadlock yarns (wool-synthetics mixture) which are yarns which look like dreadlocks but are way more lightweight than dreads made of hair or hand-felted wool dreads. Wrapped and pinned up these dreads make a gorgeous huge bun, also great when you leave a few strands out to hang down! Braid them to a large braid and pin the braid up into a chignon, too! A pair of size S or M falls is great for pigtails. If you love lush and pompous looks, you can also use a pair of size L falls as pigtails. This looks great with goth, steampunk, larp and cosplay outfits!

Every single lock is sealed at its end, to avoid fringy or dissolving ends and guarantee a long-life item!


The fall comes on a strong, elastic hair tie and is added to your own ponytail. Very simple attachment which can easily be hidden and be used for updos/ dread buns and a large dreadlocks braid, too!
Step 1: Make a ponytail.
Step 2: Pull dread fall over it.
Step 3: Wrap hair tie of dread fall around your own ponytail for 1 or 2 more times to secure the fall.
Step 4: Pull the dreads over your own ponytail's hair.

Attachment option:

If you wish to secure your fall even more, braid your own ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie attachment. Secure with hair pins. This prevents the fall from slipping down and your own hair from sticking through the dreads. Or braid some dreads of the fall together with your own hair and wrap the braid around the attachment. If you have longer hair than the doll, you can also make two braids and wrap one around clockwise and the other counter-clockwise to get an even finish! This option provides a super strong hold and is excellent for stage performances!

Each dread fall is delivered with detailed instructions for use and care!

This item is hand-made to order especially as per your specifications concerning size and length! Please understand that hair pieces cannot be returned for these and for hygienic reasons as well.

Please contact us for any questions about super lightweight dreadlocks and dread falls!

Nicole Posted on 8 April 2018 at 21:24

Sehr schönes Haarteil, das aufgrund des sehr leichten Gewichtes äußerst angenehm zu tragen ist. Sehr vielfältig in der Anwendung (habe schon einige Steckfrisuren ausprobiert). Da es verschiedene Farben sind, fügt es sich auch schön in die eigene Haarfarbe mit ein. Da meine Haare lediglich kinnlang sind (was als Ritterfest- und LARP-Fan mehr als doof ist), habe ich den Haargummi mit einer Clipspange versehen - hält super! Tolle Alternative zu prächtigem Eigenhaar:-).

Anmerkung von Melanie - Magic Tribal Hair: Vielen Dank für Deine Bewertung, Nicole! Für kurzes Haar von 5-15 cm Länge, das also zu kurz für einen Zopf ist, empfehle ich die Clip-In Dreads, die sind dafür gemacht ;). Es freut mich, dass Du eine Lösung für Dich gefunden hast, möchte nur anmerken, dass diese nicht unbedingt bei jedem hält. Und dass es auch eine spezielle Befestigung für kurzes Haar gibt, man also eigentlich nicht improvisieren muss ;). Liebe Grüße!

Maria Schmidt Posted on 21 August 2017 at 00:03

Mein absoluter Liebling unter den Dreadlock-Haarteilen. Die Farben passen super zu meinen roten Haaren, die Dreads sind soooo leicht und trotzdem schick voluminös. Macht einfach was her und trägt sich super. Schon auf vielen LARPs getragen und Zustand ist immer noch top!

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