Zeitgeist Peacock Hair Jewelry Set

€ 35,00 incl. VAT
Delivery time: Category 2: I am handmade to order esp. 4 U! Europe & UK: 8-12 BD, USA: 10-16 BD, CA/ AU/ NZ: 12-18 BD, BD=business days, applies only if you pay & note hair color details promptly with your order. Ordering 2 or more items? Please check info in policies!
Steampunk style/ Neo-Victorian inspired hair jewerly set with 2 peacock feather fascinators! One peacock feather fascinator comes with a piece of clockhands, a vintage gear and a carefully selected, hand-curled feather, the other one with a vintage gear and a hand curled feather. Both fascinators have the same antique brass/ bronze colored ornament decoration. This precious little eye-catcher is perfect for festive occassions (wedding, for brides and bridesmaids, prom, baptism ...), Goth & steampunk style, boho chic....

Steampunk hair clips by Magic Tribal Hair are really unique, because we exclusively use vintage gears, watch movements and parts! All these parts come from broken clocks and watches and are between 25 and 80 years old - for a unique steampunk feeling! This means that each mechanical ornament is unique and the gear used might slightly differ from the one in the picture.

Our professional clip attachment provides extra strong hold already in 5 cm/ 2 inches short hair!

One peacock feather hair clip is about 10 cm/ 4 inches long and 6 cm/ 2.4 inches wide. The hair clips are covered with velvet so the metal clips don't shine through. Choose between black and beige velvet to match your hair color!

Some pictures show this item in combination with further hair jewelry, hair pieces etc.. These other items are not part of this offer but can be found in different ones in our shop!

Please note that we make all hair jewelry to order especially for you. Hair jewelry cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons.

Contact us for any questions about our peacock feather fascinators!

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Arthur in our shop on Etsy on Mar 15, 2023 Posted on 17 April 2023 at 19:16

They are really beautiful. No doubt about it. My only downside is that it's pretty delicate. Not really a surprise given what a feather is. Storing it actually takes places, as I need a box to ensure it does not get harmed. The hard part is in my hair, they are very curly unless I pay constant attention, and I see no way to avoid my hairs and the feathers to interact with each other.

Melanie responded on Mar 17, 2023

Hi Arthur, great to hear you like your peacock feather hair clips. The easiest way to store them is to us the cardboard box they came in. Clip them onto the card they came on and put them in feathers pointing upwards. You do not need to cover them with the second card or add the plastic bag and bubble wrapping again, this was just to protect them from weather, collisions and odors during shipping. To solve your hair problem just pin down your curls with a couple of regular hairpins and then attach the peacock hair clip above. I see you have long hair, if your parting is more to one side, I recommend attaching the peacock clips to the side with less hair, this is easiest and saves the extra clips to pin down your voluminous hair. I hope you've found my message with instructions for use of regular hair clips as well!

Katie in our shop on Etsy on Nov 24, 2021 Posted on 27 March 2023 at 18:29

great craftsmanship and communication from the seller.

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