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Use our picture color charts or order physical swatches to check with your hair.

These are the 2 color matching options if you want to match your hair color yourself.
I also recommend reading the general information on hair colors. This will help you to avoid common mistakes and will make defining the right blend easier for you.

General Hair Color Information

Many hair colors are composed of 2-3 colors. A darker color underneath, a lighter shade in the top layers and in long hair tips are usually even lighter, even if you do not dye your hair. Highlights can ask for an extra color, too.

Overall with long hair, our hair is usually darkest on top of our head and lighter in our lengths. Keep in mind that with many hair pieces you use your own hair for attachment only, so the hair piece meets mostly the darkest shade on top of your head and not your tips. Your tips might even be completely hidden, but if you do not include their shade at all, you will get a darker color than you are used to see on yourself. So you might want to include the color of your tips in a small percentage as fine highlights for example. Just do not make the common mistake to compare the colors of our charts or swatches with the color in your lengths only. I think this is what people mostly do, because this is the visible part of their hair without a mirror.

Black and very dark brown hair
People with very dark hair tend to have one color only, this affects hair colors 1-4 mostly.

Brown shades are more complex, here 2-3 colors are usually needed for an exact copy of your own hair.

Blond shades are even more complex, the darker the blonde, the more colors are usually needed, sometimes even 4 or 5 for an exact copy.

Gray hair is similar to blonde, gray itself is always color NW. If you have first gray hairs these can be included in your hair piece as single gray hairs of color NW. If your whole hair is gray you might still need more than just color NW, in very small proportions only but these make out that your hair piece looks so realistic. Many customers have in between shades, their original hair color, many gray hairs and some new shades occuring like a blonde, a fair brown but also a very dark brown they have not had before. For these shades I often need 4 or 5 basic colors for an exact copy.

Red hair is not as complicated as many of you think. Most lighter henna dyes include colors 350 and 130, most darker henna dyes colors 35 and 350 as basic colors. They are as easy to match for me than other hair colors. I offer some special reds, these are elaborate blends that have proven to be quite popular, so I added them to the color charts. They can still be changed by blending with other colors but it does not make sense to combine 2 of them, for example witch red and chilli. If you think this is your hair color you should better contact me for the picture color check.

Picture Color Charts

Your hair color can be matched perfectly including highlights, lowlights and all shades using the basic colors from these charts. I recommend reading the general information above. It's based on my many years of experience in color matching (since 2009) to help you making the right choices. Nevertheless you are free to use my free picture color check I highly recommend, because you can benefit much better from my experience this way. Also it might be hard for you to imagine how the different basic colors look or change when blended, because you might have never done that before. Naturally with the free picture color check you have the last word, too, so it's not a must to order in the colors I advised based on your picture.

color table to doublecheck my color advice with


Ordering Color Swatches

Color swatches are chosen from the color charts above. I offer swatches for all basic colors, so crazy colors (with NW as exception) and my special reds I do not offer as swatches.
Swatches you can hold up against your hair and check your hair color live. This might be easier than just with pictures on a phone or laptop. One difficulty remains though: I
t might be hard for you to imagine how the different basic colors look or change when blended, because you might have never done that before. I also recommend reading the general hair color information above when you are planning to use swatches. This will help you finding all the shades in your hair and not making the common mistake to match to your lengths only.

Swatches are perfect for checking dark hair colors (colors 1-4), because the picture color check usually does not work very well here. While I can perfectly define all shades needed to make a copy of a medium brown, blonde, gray or red shade from a good picture taken to my instructions, it is hard to tell from a picture whether you need color 1B or color 2 for example. 

Swatches should be used outside in natural daylight without sunlight. If you can't wait for a cloudy day, a place in not too dark shade is a good solution. A hair piece matched in the right light changes in other light situation just like your own hair does, so it is always a good match.

A disadvantage of swatches is the time they need to get to you. Depending in which country you live, this can take from 3 days to 2 weeks.
I ask a protective charge for the swatches, because I have to handmake them. I do refund them upon return and your hair piece order though.

You find the option to order swatches in every hair piece section or click the swatches picture below.

physical color swatches to hold up against your hair

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