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Custom hair pieces, hair falls, braids and braid headbands in all hair colors, hand-made belly dance & costume accessories.

Welcome at Magic Tribal Hair - your web shop for custom-made hair pieces and hair extensions, braids, braided headbands, peacock feather extensions, chignons and hair buns ... in any hair color! Discover fancy and unique hair jewelry and multi-purpose costume accessories, too - all hand-made in Germany, since 2009!

Custom color hair dreams in any hair color

At Magic Tribal Hair we custom-match all hair pieces from the largest hollywood dive bun and longest hair fall to clip-in ringlets and the finest peacock feather extensions... - naturally we can match any hair color! Do you dye your hair with henna or have another wonderful and bright red, is your hair grey or do you have first grey hairs or streaks? We can match all these nuances and many more, because we mix hair colors by hand and especially for your order! You will surely find your dream hair among our huge range of about 350 hair pieces and we will make your hair piece to order in your desired color. You don't know which hair piece of our range is best for your styling idea? Mail us a picture so we can give advise!

Hair extensions and hair fashion for any occasion, from natural and simple to pompous Hollywood diva style

Our customers and the occasions they order their hair pieces for are as manifold as our hair extensions themselves: From wedding and prom to dance and theater stages; festivals and parties; Goth and steampunk events; tribal fusion and belly dance; Renaissance, Medieval and fantasy costuming or themed weddings up to every day styles - custom color hair dreams by Magic Tribal Hair will get you fancy hair for any event and occasion!
For example a simple braid headband can make a huge difference - comb your hair, put on the headband and voilà - an instant braided hairdo! Bad hair days will truly belong to the past - this is fancy hair fashion the easy way!
Bridal hairdos with long curls or waves up to 55 cm/ 22 inches or even 100 cm/ 39 inches long hair are done within a couple of minutes just like any romantic updo with any of these hair falls. Nostalgic braided updos for rustic weddings are simple as well, because our hair falls and braids will help you adding the right amount of hair to get the richness and hair volume you need for your put-up hairstyle. Top off your hairdo with little eye-catchers like peacock feather extensions or other hair jewelry from our rich offer for many stylings like bridal hairdos, party hair styles, your prom hair...
Do you prefer plain elegance? Then you might love our braided headbands, one of our natural braids or a little braided bun or topknot hair piece. Or do you rather dream of a Hollywood diva like hairstyle for a glamorous appearance? Even untrained hands are able to transform our extra long plaits and 50 cm/ 20 inches long fantasy braids or even the 90 cm/ 36 inches long fantasy braid hair pieces into a pompous diva hair bun.
Goths and steampunks love the Magic Tribal Hair Fantasy Collection: Hair falls with real peacock feathers and ostrich plumes, leaves or other playful and whimsical decorations are very popular for larp and cosplay costumes, too! We are experts in all hair colors from natural to crazy and Gothic colors like black-red, black-purple, black-grey and the many more mixes you can choose! We even have our own fancy special reds and can make any other redhead shade as well. Tribal fusion belly dancers love our braid pairs for long braids and tribal style hair bun pairs; Bollywood dancers need our super long Magic Tribal Hair braids to complete their look- think of your hair as the cherry on the cake respective your belly dance costume!
Historical and Reenactment costumes would be incomplete without the matching Medieval or Renaissance hairdos which are very easy to make with hair extensions by Magic Tribal Hair. Do you need corkscrew/ club curls to top off your Rococo dress? You find them as Baroque and Sissi Curls in our shop. Do you need a playful braid to wear with your wonderful Renaissance/ Medieval gown or a super long mane like most women had back then? Have a look at our Rapunzel braid and our extra long hair falls and make a lasting impression at the next Renaissance Fair! Naturally you can use our hair falls for nostalgic and historic braided hairstyles, too, learn more in the next passage.

One Magic Tribal Hair piece - many stylings and hairdos!

At Magic Tribal Hair you get more for your money, because you can make more than one styling with most of our hair pieces - in fact many of our hair extensions are great multi-purpose items for several hairstyles! All braids can be pinned up into gorgeous braided hair bun. You can wear most braids braided and twisted as twist braid, instructions are always included with your hair piece. The twisted braid variant also makes a fancy chignon, of course! We offer a matching headband with the same braiding technique for nearly all braids, by the way.
Last but not least many braids can be worn unbraides as open hair falls, too, or the other way round; you can braid hair falls in volume sizes S, S Plus and M and wear them as braids, too. Hair extensions of slightly crimped hair make especially voluminous braids, hair falls with natural curls messy boho style braids and a piece of wavy hair a very natural braid for straight and wavy hair.
Hair extensions of crimped hair make especially voluminous braids when braided, or plait hair falls with natural curls to get a gorgeous messy braid. Last but not least a hair fall of wavy hair makes a very natural braid.
Use hair falls with curls and waves for natural and voluminous updos as well!

Magic Tribal Hair stands for long-lasting and versatile hair accessories!

We have set high quality standards for our products because we do not want to support throwaway-mentality. This means our hair extensions are long-lasting at all levels:
1. You can use most of our hair pieces for more than one styling, many even for 5 and more stylings! So they will always be exciting to use and to experiment with and you will use them more often and longer than hair pieces which make one hairstyle only.
2. The high quality hair we use will still look real and nice after wearing many times with appropriate care (naturally we include instructions for care with each hair piece!).
These are also the reasons for Magic Tribal Hair not offering and ready to wear buns or braid with elaborated braiding techniques which not many of you could rebraid. A bun or a braid hair piece will get fringy from wearing just like any bun or braid of one's own hair. Our solution is to make you hair pieces you can unbraid, comb and rebraid, so your braid or bun will look like freshly styles every time you wear them! This goes for braids just like for buns, because all buns are made of a pinned-up braid or hair fall. it's super easy, see more here!
Braided headbands can't be unbraided but they get way less fringy from wearing than ponytail braids worn down. We also add a slip-stop to all our headbands of thicker and thus less compact braids which get fringy quicker than thin and very compact braids. This slip-stop guarantees you strong hold and also prevents hair from coming out off the braid. Click here to read more about our hairbands and headbands! 

Why do hair pieces by Magic Tribal Hair look amazingly real?

There are 3 reasons:
1. Custom-match in your own hair color.
2. Highest quality kanekalon hair (synthetic hair) with different hair textures
3. natural attachments (instructions are always included!)

The first step to a perfect natural but fake hair styling is a hair piece which is very close to your hair color or exactly your hair color. Using kanekalon fibre we can make hair extensions with a natural shimmer and shine and which even feel extremely real when you touch them. Kanekalon is a syntheitc hair fibre which is extremely close to real, human hair. The differences are indeed advantages, because it's much lighter than real hair which makes many super lush hair pieces till comfortable to wear. Sensitive heads are very happy with our smaller/ less voluminous hair extensions, too.

We have developed special attachments for our hair extensions, they work without bulky claw clips which is more comfortable to wear and look more natural, too. When using our professional fishtail attachment, attachment and your own hair fuse perfectly making the attachment of your hair piece invisible. Another plus is the extra strong hold this kind of natural-lokking hair piece attachment provides.
Unsere Befestigungen haben wir selbst so entwickelt, dass sie komplett ohne dicke und sperrige Spangen auskommen. Sie bieten nicht nur für hohen Tragekomfort, sondern sorgen auch für eine natürliche Einpassung des Haarteils in das eigene Haar. Die Verbindung von eigenem Haar und dem künstlichen Haar des Haarteils bei unserer Profi-Flossenbefestigung bringt starken und sicheren Halt und macht optisch einen natürlichen Übergang - die eigentliche Befestigung des Haarteils wird damit unsichtbar!

Das Magic Tribal Hair Rundum-Styling Angebot

Viele tolle Stylings werden durch einen edlen Haarschmuck abgerundet. Daher finden Sie im Magic Tribal Hair Shop auch eine große Auswahl an Haarschmuck aus eigener Anfertigung. Unsere Pfauenfeder Fascinators mit Löckchen sind sehr beliebt für Hochzeiten; Haarblumen und Haarblüten gehören fest zur Tribal Fusion Frisur und sind auch im Alltag sehr beliebt als Haarschmuck. Gothic und Steampunk Haarschmuck mit Metallblumen in bronze und silber, verspielten Kameen und echten, alten Uhrenteilen wie Zahnräder, Zeiger und Zifferblätter fertigen wir ebenfalls von Hand für Sie an. Passend zu Magic Tribal Hair Fantasy Haarteilen mit Straußen- und Pfauenfedern gibt es Headpieces und Haarclips mit Federn und verspielten Verzierungen. Besonders Elfen, Feen, Waldhexen, Magierinnen, Steampunk Piraten, und Piratenbräute haben bei Magic Tribal Hair die Qual der Wahl, wenn es um Accessoires für ihr Kostüm geht. Nicht zuletzt sind unsere Kostüm-Accessoires wie Gürtel- & Haarclips und Haarteile aus Bändern sowie extra leichte Dreadlocks Haarteile und Clip-In Dreads bei Larpern und Cosplayern gleichermaßen beliebt wie bei Gothic Lolitas und Tribal Fusion und Bauchtänzerinnen!

Haarteil bestellen leicht gemacht - wie geht das mit der Maßanfertigung?

Ihre Wünsche für die Maßanfertigung in Ihrer Haarfarbe können Sie in maximal 4 Schritten direkt online eingeben! Sie benötigen im Vorfeld eine Farbberatung weil Sie sich unsicher bezüglich der passenden Farbmischung und den Detailangaben zu Strähnchen und Farbproportionen sind? Kein Problem, eine Farbberatung ist sogar schon im Preis inbegriffen! Mit einem guten Foto erzielen wir die besten Ergebnisse, aber es besteht zum Beispiel auch die Möglichkeit Farbmuster zu bestellen, alle Infos dazu finden Sie auf unserer FAQ Seite zu maßgefertigten Haarteilen.

Eine professionelle Beratung ist uns wichtig!

Daher gibt es die Beratung immer aus einer Hand von mir, der Inhaberhin Melanie Penners, um eine reibungslose Kommunikation zu garantieren. Sie können mich telefonisch, per E-Mail und auch über das Kontaktformular erreichen, ich berate Sie auch in Englisch, Niederländisch, Schwedisch und Französisch. Eine Farbberatung zur Wahl der richtigen Haarfarben ist im Preis der maßgefertigten Haarteile inbegriffen, mehr Infos hier. Ebenso kann ich schnell und effizient bei der Suche nach dem passenden Haarteil für Ihre gewünschte Frisur helfen, wenn Sie mir ein Foto dieser mailen.

Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spaß beim Entdecken der zahlreichen Stylingwunder von Magic Tribal Hair, 
Melanie Penners (Inhaberin)

Find answers to many frequent questions on our FAQ pages. Naturally you can always contact us for any question, it's me, Melanie Penners, the owner, who does all communication with you.

The shop is available in German and English; but I offer consulting in Dutch, Swedish and French as well.

Our prices are available in many different currencies. Customers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan and any other country outside the European Union get lower prices than shown in the shop, because they don't have to pay German sales tax/ VAT. This means about 16 % discount which is shown as VAT/ sales tax in your shopping cart and deducted during checkout! 

We wish you a lot of fun discovering the many little styling miracles and adornments in our shop! Melanie at Magic Tribal Hair

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