5 Styling Hacks with Hair Flowers

5 Styling Hacks with Hair Flowers

Did you know you can use hair flowers among others as shoe clips, too? Flower Power looks great in your hair and in many more ways - check our 5 styling hacks in this lookbook!

Pimp your shoes with hair flowers! Turn your Mary Janes' into Gothic Lolita style shoes with silver flower clips or your regular boots in gorgeous steampunk ones with bronze flower shoe clips!

Gothic Mary Janes zum edlen Gewand - ganz einfach gezaubert mit Silberhaarblumen!

Shop the Look! Silver Flowers

Bronzehaarblumen verwandeln Schnürstiefel in Steampunk Boots!

Shop the Look! Supersize Fantasy Braid   ~   Bronze Flower Clips   ~   Fantasy Twist Headband 

Steampunk Ballerinaschuhe gefällig? Einfach den passenden Haarschmuck befestigen!

Shop the Look! Hair Crown made of Size M Braid Wonder   ~   Bronze Flower Clips

Gorgeous for weddings, baptisms and other festive occasions, too!

Haarblüten als Schuhclips für Hochzeiten und feierliche Anlässe.

Shop the Look! Braided Hair Crown   ~   Daisy Hair Flowers

Or as flower brooch at your cleavage - wear a pair of flower clips, one in your hair and one on your dress or blouse!

Flower brooches for boho style and proms!

Shop the Look! Hair Flowers in many colors

Another option to wear a pair - one at your cleavage, the other one as flower bracelet (pinned onto a sturdy bracelet with smooth surface or a hair tie put arount your wrist).

Blumenbrosche und Armband passend zueinander!

Shop the Look! Twist Braid Hair Extension   ~   Double Twist Braid Headband   ~  Hair Flowers in many colors

Haarblumen als Armband, Brosche und Haarschmuck

Shop the Look! Voluminous Hair Falls   ~   Voluminous Twist Headband   ~  Hair Flowers in many colors

The same hair flowers as hair jewelry and bag clips - you can even add them to your shoes as shoe clips, of course! 

Steampunk Haarschmuck als Taschenclips!

Shop the Look! Double Twist Braid Headband    ~  Bronze Butterflies

Smaller hair flowers adorn your corsage...

Gothic Lolita Corsage mit schwarzer Blume als Verzierung!

Shop the Look! Wavy XL Hair Falls   ~   Black Flowers 

... and flat rings as well!

Mit Haarblumen Blütenschmuck zaubern - Blumenringe!

Shop the Look! 90 cm/ 36 IN Elf Braids   ~   Black Flowers 

Some valuable tips for tribal fusion belly dance and bollywood dancers: Adorn your bracelets, chokers and shoulder straps with flower clips!

Tribal Fusion Armreifen mit Haarblumen.

Shop the Look! Hair Flowers in many colors

Tribal Fusion Kauri Haarschmuck zur Verzierung am Kostüm.

Shop the Look! Cowry Flower Clips   ~   Paradise Feather Headpiece   ~   Yarn Falls Paradise

Kauriblumen an Tribal Belly Dance Choker Halsband

Shop the Look! Cowry Flower Clips   ~   Tribal Fusion Extensions   ~   Black-White Dread Falls   ~   

Feather Fascinator   ~   Black Flowers 

Gothic Belly Dance Kauri Haarblumen als Kauri-Broschen

Shop the Look! Yarn Falls Morticia Gothic   ~   Cowry Flower Clips 

Colorful yarn falls and flower hair jewelry

Shop the Look! Hair Flowers in many colors   ~   Colorful, Lighweight Dread Falls

Pick smooth, straight clips without any teeth for these styling tips!

This is important, because you would not want to damage your clothes, scratch the leather of your shoes and boots or your jewelry with clips that have teeth (e.g. alligator clips). As a matter of fact do clips professional clipsy without any teeth provide much stronger hold, due to a strong spring in their closing mechanism. The clips should not be bent but be straight. Straight clips provide best hold because not even the roundest head is bent as much as the curve of most bended clips! Naturally you find only professional clips according to these standards on hair jewelry by Magic Tribal Hair. If you use different hair jewelry for these styling tips, please check the clips before using them as shoe clips etc.! 

Achte auf eine professionelle Clipbefestigung, glatte, gerade Clips ohne Zähnchen!

Have lots of fun combining and styling your accessories!

Melanie & Magic Tribal Hair


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