Shipping costs

§6 Terms of shipment and shipping costs
Shipping costs include postal charges, boxing, handling and 16 % VAT (VAT is deducted before payment for all customers outside the European Union) and are paid by the customer. All international parcels are trackable, tracking information is e-mailed to you as soon as your order has shipped.

How we calculate shipping costs:

Your shipping costs are calculated automatically and displayed in your shopping cart when you head to checkout! This means that the overview below is just to make this calculation transparent for you and to show you the lowest and highest shipping costs possible. You needn't read all this to know your shipping costs, just in case you are interested how we do that! 

All items have their respective point value which you see in your shopping cart. This value is used for calculating shipping costs, the sum of all points of your order are connected with your respective shipping method. 

Shipping costs for Germany can be found in the German policies, click here. 

Shipping to countries within the European Union:
100 points: trackable parcel for € 8,00
200-299 points: trackable parcel with signature for € 10,00
300-499 points: trackable parcel with signature € 13,00
500-999 points: trackable parcel with signature € 16,00
from 1000 points: trackable parcel with signature € 20,00
All prices include 16 % VAT.

Shipping costs for all countries outside the European Union like USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc.:
100-299 points: trackable parcel with signature for € 8,40 €
300-499 points: trackable parcel with signature for € 10,92 €
500-599 points: trackable parcel with signature for € 13,45 €
1000-1499 points: trackable parcel with signature for € 16,81 €
1500-2999 points: trackable parcel with signature for € 25,21 €
from 3000 points: trackable parcel with signature for € 50,42 €
All prices exclusive VAT. You will see prices inclusive 16 % VAT until you have entered your shipping address, as soon as our system knows that you are ordering to a country outside the EU, VAT is deducted automatically in your cart and during checkout. Before that you will see shipping costs including VAT which are the prices in the charts above this one.

We update you with shipping information as soon as your parcel has shipped; average shipping time and tracking information for you to track your parcel online. This means you can't miss it even if the parcel service doesn't give you a note in your physical mailbox (happens sometimes) about a delivery to your neighbour or storage at a local pick-up. 

The customer is responsible for providing the right shipping address. If delivery fails due to a wrong address provided by the customer, the customer must pay the costs for another shipment. If a parcel is returned because the customer did not pick it up at their local post office/ pick-up in time, redelivery = second shipping must be paid by the customer.

If delivery time cannot be met due to such a delay of address issues not caused by us or a parcel being returned as unclaimed meaning not picked up at the local pick-up, the contract cannot be cancelled.

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