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Shipping costs

§6 Terms of shipment and shipping costs

Shipping costs include postal charges, boxing and handling and are paid by the customer. Shipping costs for Germany and countries within the European Union also contain 19 % VAT/ sales tax. When you buy several items we only ship insured and with tracking. Tracking information is sent to you as soon as your order has shipped.

How we calculate shipping costs:

Your shipping costs are calculated automatically and displayed in your shopping cart when you head to checkout! This means that the overview below is just to make this calculation transparent for you and to show you the lowest and highest shipping costs possible. You needn't real all this to know your shipping costs, just in case you are interested how we do that! 

All itmes have their respective point value which you see in your shopping cart. This value is used for calculating shipping costs, the sum of all points of your order are connected with your respective shipping method. 

Shipping costs for Germany can be found in the German policies, click here. 

Shipping to countries within the European Union:
100 points: letter for 5,50 €
200-299 points: registered letter for 10,00 €
300-499 points: registered letter with additional insurance 13,00 €
500-999 points: registered letter with higher, additional insurance 16,00 €
from 1000 points: registered letter or small parcel with extra insurance 20,00 €
All prices include 19 % sales tax/ VAT.

Shipping costs for all countries outside the European Union like USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc.:
100-299 points: registered letter 8,40 €
300-499 points: registered letter with additional insurance 10,92 €
500-599 points: registered letter with higher, additional insurance 13,45 €
1000-1499 points: registered letter with higher additional insurance 16,81 €
1500-2999 points: insured dispatch in higher weight class 25,21 €
from 3000 points: insured dispatch in higher weight class 50,42 €
All prices without 19% sales tax/ VAT, which is removed when shipment is to a country outside the European Union. Sales tax/ VAT is removed automaticall when you insert your country and zip code, because out system then recognizes that you need not pay any sales tax/ VAT. 

The customer is responsible for providing the right shipping address. If delivery failed due to a wrong address provided by the buyer, the buyer must pay the costs for another shipment. If delivery time cannot be met due to such a delay not caused by us, the contract cannot be cancelled.

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