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Policies/ GTCT

Thank you for your interest in hand-made to order in Germany items by Magic Tribal Hair. We are proud to be able to make custom hair piecesof synthetic kanekalon hair in any hair color!

§1 field of application

These terms and conditions apply to the production, sale and supply of items by Magic Tribal Hair to the customer and no other terms shall apply. Magic Tribal Hair reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

§2 Order – payment – custom duties

(1) Order process
The contract is valid with your purchase of one ore more of our offers. Magic Tribal Hair will make the goods ordered according to your customization details and after your payment has been cleared. This means we make all items to order and specialize in custom orders, so we only deliver on advance payment. 

(1B) Coupons
Coupons codes must be inserted straight with your order during checkout process and cannot be redeemed later on. If you forgot to insert the coupon code, you can still use it for your next order, at least in case it won't have expired by then. Percentage discounts refer to order value without shipping costs. Discount coupons cannot be used for already discounted items in our sale section or gift cards and surprise bags, unless this is stated specifically in the discount offer. If there is a minimum order value for any coupon, the minimum order value ( = sum of all item values without shipping costs, usually € 15 if not announced differently in the special offer) is the value your order must have before the coupon is deducted. Surprise bag coupons can only be used if your order value is equal to or higher than the order value announced in the offer. Your order value is the sum of all items ordered except gift cards and surprise bags, in case your order contains such. Free shipping coupons are for worldwide shipping.
All coupons announced on our Facebook page, in our newsletter or on our flyers etc. can only be used once per customer. You can't redeem more than 1 coupon per order, the only exceptions are gift vouchers. If you wish to use a coupon and redeem a gift voucher, the order must be placed through e-mail, because the system accepts one code only. The ~16 % discount for customers with shipping address outdise the European Union can always be combined with a coupon, because it is deducted automatically.

(2) Payment:
German and European customers: 
Sepa money transfer, credit card, Paypal
Payment must be made in billing currency which is € Euro. If you make a Sepa money transfer from a European but non-euro country, your bank might charge you for the currency conversion. Prices differ from bank to bank, so please ask your bank for information. Your credit card institute might also charge you for the conversion. Conversion fees for paypal payments are included in the conversion rates paypal uses.
We will confirm your payment through e-mail.

Non-European customers:
Credit card, Paypal
Payment must be made in billing currency which is € Euro. Your credit card institute might charge you for the conversion from your currency to € currency. Conversion fees for paypal payments are included in the conversion rates paypal uses. 
We will confirm your payment through e-mail.

Important for credit card payments:
We accept Visa & Mastercard payments. Payment with other credit cards can only be effected through paypal. 
When you choose Visa or Mastercard credit card payment, you will be directed to Payone, our payment provider's site. Please check if your address has been transferred correctly and add your credit card information. We use the security checks Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode, in case you have not signed up for them yet, you must do this before you can use your credit card in our web shop.

(3) Custom duties and import sales tax
Deliveries to Non-European countries and to some European countries (e. g. Switzerland, Iceland, Norway) may cause customs duties and/ or import sales tax (the sales tax/ VAT percentage in your country), which must be paid by the customer. Deliveries are often free up to a certain value; Magic Tribal Hair adds the relevant form and a copy of the invoice to every delivery to custom-affected countries, so you won't get any trouble at the customs. Please inform about customs duties and import sales taxes at your local tax office.


§3 Minimum order value

We accept orders from 15,00 €.

§4 Contract formation - cancellation right

(1) Contract formation
The contract is valid as soon as you have received the invoice. You are asked to pay within the given period of business days (Monday to Friday). If your payment comes in later, the date of delivery might change. Magic Tribal Hair is also allowed to cancel your order if your payment has not been cleared punctually. It is recommended to inform Magic Tribal Hair if the payment cannot be done by that time for any reasons.

(2) Cancellation right
Legal regulations apply. After you have paid your order this means: According to § 312 g BGB cancellation right does not apply to hand- & custom-made to order items. All items by Magic Tribal Hair are hand-made to order exclusively and only after payment. We don't sell any pre-produced items. Many of our items are made as per your specification, so we do not accept any returns.
Hair pieces, hair jewelry and costume accessories have direct contact with the body when worn. So returns are inacceptable for hygienic reasons as well, because we are not able to sell them to someone else.
Contact me in case of any questions:
Address for snail mail (no brick and mortar shop!):
Magic Tribal Hair
Melanie Penners
Schlegelstr. 30
50935 Cologne
Email: info@magic-tribal-hair.com
Land-line phone: 0049(0)221-2978136

§5 Time of delivery

Time of delivery is determined by the volume of your order, because all items are hand-made to order, so production times can differ extremely. You find the delivery time for the single item in business days (Monday to Saturday without holidays) in each listing. If you order several items with different delivery times, the longest does apply to your order. However if you are placing a larger order with several items, it might be reasonable to contact us in advance, because even the longest delivery time might not be met in this case. Especially in peack season (March-October) you should ask in advance when placing a very large order.

Deliveries can only be carried out punctually if payment is sent right with your order, or in other words the same day. Delay in payment might naturally cause delay in delivery, too.

§6 Terms of shipment and shipping costs

Shipping costs include postal charges, boxing and handling and are paid by the customer. Shipping costs for Germany and countries within the European Union also contain 19 % VAT/ sales tax. When you buy several items we only ship insured and with tracking. Tracking information is sent to you as soon as your order has shipped.

How we calculate shipping costs:

Your shipping costs are calculated automatically and displayed in your shopping cart when you head to checkout! This means that the overview below is just to make this calculation transparent for you and to show you the lowest and highest shipping costs possible. You needn't real all this to know your shipping costs, just in case you are interested how we do that! 

All itmes have their respective point value which you see in your shopping cart. This value is used for calculating shipping costs, the sum of all points of your order are connected with your respective shipping method. 

Shipping costs for Germany can be found in the German policies, click here. 

Shipping to countries within the European Union:
100 points: letter for 5,50 €
200-299 points: registered letter for 10,00 €
300-499 points: registered letter with additional insurance 13,00 €
500-999 points: registered letter with higher, additional insurance 16,00 €
from 1000 points: registered letter or small parcel with extra insurance 20,00 €
All prices include 19 % sales tax/ VAT.

Shipping costs for all countries outside the European Union like USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc.:
100-299 points: registered letter 8,40 €
300-499 points: registered letter with additional insurance 10,92 €
500-599 points: registered letter with higher, additional insurance 13,45 €
1000-1499 points: registered letter with higher additional insurance 16,81 €
1500-2999 points: insured dispatch in higher weight class 25,21 €
from 3000 points: insured dispatch in higher weight class 50,42 €
All prices without 19% sales tax/ VAT, which is removed when shipment is to a country outside the European Union. Sales tax/ VAT is removed automaticall when you insert your country and zip code, because out system then recognizes that you need not pay any sales tax/ VAT. 

The customer is responsible for providing the right shipping address. If delivery failed due to a wrong address provided by the buyer, the buyer must pay the costs for another shipment. If delivery time cannot be met due to such a delay not caused by us, the contract cannot be cancelled.


§7 Prices

All prices are final prices/ gross prices and include 19 % German VAT/ sales tax. As I sell shipping to you, I also have to charge taxes for shipping costs and transfer these taxes to the German tax office.

Prices in the web shop and your shopping cart can be shown in several currencies.
To switch from the standard currency € Euro to your currendo do the following:
On a mobile device: Click open the left top corner menu and click your desired currency.
On a desktop/ laptop computer: Click EUR € in the top right corner and the currency menu opens, click the desired currency.
During checkout process all currencies are converted to the standard currency € Euro again, you are notified about that automatically. This is neccessary, because € Euro currency is out billing currency.

16 % discount for customers outside the European Union
I am not obliged to charge German VAT/ sales tax from customers with shipping address in the United States, Australia, Canada, Switzerland or any other country outside the European Union. This means the tax margin will be deducted in your shopping cart as soon as you have entered the shipping address and chosen the shipping method. The system can only draw it then, because it does not know that the order will be shipped to a country outside the EU any earlier. Still the checkout process won't have been completed by then, so you can still delete an item, add another one or cancel the order process if you want to.

All prices by Magic Tribal Hair are subject to change.

§8 Choice of law and jurisdiction, online dispute resolution

German law is applicable for all Magic Tribal Hair transactions and the place of jurisdiction is Cologne. 

According to the new EU Directives we herewith refer to the new online dispute resolution platform, a platform set up to help consumers and online businesses deal with and solve consumers' complaints. A link to the platform wil be provided in this place when the platform is online. 
Please try to solve complaints straight with us in first instance and contact us through info@magic-tribal-hair.com.

§9 Information about online dispute resolution for EU customers

Complaint procedure via online dispute resolution (ODR) for consumers: 
http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. We are neither willing nor obliged to take part in a dispute resolution offered by any consumer arbitration service. 

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