FAQ Custom Hair Pieces: Hair Color, Attachment, Care & Delivery Times

Our philosophy: Pick your hairstyle/ hair piece - we will make it in your hair color!

When you explore our custom color hair pieces of kanekalon hair, you simply look for your desired hairstyle! It's available in all hair colors, because we handmake it to order in your hair color!
Quick instructions for ordering your hair piece in your hair color!

You can't find your hairdo in our shop?

Mail a picture to [email protected] and I will let you know which hair piece would work best - most hair pieces can be used for more stylings than shown in the pictures! I am Melanie at Magic Tribal Hair, I answer all messages, it's always me you talk to!

FAQs custom-matched hair pieces of kanekalon hair!

I Custom Hair Color
II Hair Piece Attachment
III Hair Piece Care
IV Delivery Times

I Custom Hair Color

All hair pieces of kanekalon hair in our range are models we make in any hair color using the basic colors in the overview below!
We can match your hair color perfectly for all hair extensions and braided headbands, because we are able to add all shades, highlights, lowlights, streaks etc. of your own hair to the hair piece.
The only exceptions are our extra long hair falls and braids from 60-100 cm/ 24 to 39 inches long. Due to technical reasons with this extremely long hair, these extra long hair pieces can only be made of one color or a highlight mix of 2 colors, so our possibilities are a bit limited here.

How we use our basic colors to match your hair color!

We mix these basic colors to match any hair color!

We make your hair color by mixing several basic colors from our range, see preview above. The special reds in the middle can still be mixed with other basic colors, of course. You need other crazy colors than shown in the block on the right? Turquoise can be mixed from blue and green, a darker pink from rose and purple... You find these color charts in large in the item description of each hair piece!

We have developed our own techniques for getting these mixes, because working with synthetic hair differs strongly from having your hair dyed at your local hairdresser's. Your hairdresser blends the liquid color and applies it to your hair. We take bundles of hair in the basic hair colors we need for your hair piece, part them and put them together again until we have the desired mix.

This time-consuming work by hand enables us to make thick streaks up to fine highlights. Or to get a fine blend which actually is a new color and you cannot recognize the single basic colors in this mix any more.
So the technical side differs strongly from hair coloring at the hairdresser's but we get the same result! Just to give you an example: When we blend two fair shades of blonde and a copperish shade, we get a new shade of blonde with a slightly copperish shimmer.

Do you want to see our color charts in large?
Click here for our color charts for 55 cm/ 22 inches long hair pieces! 
Click here for our color charts for 60-100 cm/ 24-39 inches long hair pieces!


How to place your custom color order, detailed instructions!

Menus in each hair piece listing will guide you to give us perfect color instructions very easily. If you forget an important detail, a box will pop up telling you which information you still need to add.
You can either determine your color mix by yourself or ask me for advice before and even after placing your order. You can be sure that we won't do anything without your final ok, so when I give you advice, I will wait for your ok or your changes only after that we will start making your hair piece!

Help for picking the color mix yourself: What you need to know about your hair color!

One's own hair usually contains 2-3 colors, only dark hair (colors 1-6) often consists of 1 color only. Hence we include up to 3 colors in the price for most hair extensions and you can add additional basic colors at little extra costs if needed.
The only exception are our extra long hair pieces, 60-100 cm/ 24-39 inches long. Here only two basic colors can be mixed due to technical reasons with this extremely long hair. 
In many cases one of our basic colors is close to your hair color, so we would pick it as the basic color for your hair piece as well. Additional colors will make your hair piece look real, because they add shades, nuances, highlights and shimmer of your own hair to the hair piece. If your own hair is right in between two basic colors, a fine blend of these two colors will be the basic mix for your hair color. We might need to add additional colors for highlights or a shimmer in this case, too. 

How I can assist you in picking your color mix

1. Send me a high quality picture of your hair through e-mail! (recommended)

Mail me a picture of your hair (please pay attention to instructions further below!) I check for basic colors and mail or call you with the basic colors you need. I will let you know the numbers, the proportions for each color and the kind of mix (highlights, fine blend etc.) I propose and you can check them in the picture color charts online. 
Then there are 3 options:
1. You agree with my advice and we make your hair piece accordingly.
2. You let me know which details of my advice you want to change and we make your hair piece accordingly.
3. You doublecheck my advice live by ordering color swatches. There are offers in all hair piece sections in our shop.

Example for picture hair color check and how to order!

Instructions for taking a high quality picture for color recognition

Device & resolution: 
You can use your phone or a regular camera, but we need a large picture, minimum resolution is 600 px for shortest side, the larger the better! Don't use a flash!

Most important: Light 
Natural daylight OUTSIDE (NOT near a window, on the balcony or under a roof, this mostly falsifies colors), no extreme light conditions like full sun or deep shade, a cloudy day is perfect but not a must. Take the picture with the stream of light! Your hair color looks different in different kinds of light, your hair piece should change the same way, so we must match it in this most neutral light situation!

Your hair: 
Your entire open and dry hair (no close-ups or details shots of a strand only, no pictures with hats or fascinators, braids, updos, pony- or pigtails!). You must be the only person, no party or group pictures!

Image section: 
Take the picture from the side or the back, you should be seen from the top of your head until the middle of your back, different color shades can be recognized much better from a little distant perspective. If you can't but take a selfie, use a selfie stick!
Number of pictures: 
Only 1! 
If you wish to send us several pictures, please add which one we should use for our advice and which ones serve as additional information only. This is necessary, because only you know your real hair color so only you can determine which picture reflects it best.

Mail your picture to [email protected] and I, Melanie, will answer you with advice! Please keep in mind that one picture color check is free, I must charge you for further ones, because they are not necessary if you send a picture according to my instructions right away!

2. Order physical color swatches and check yourself!

I recommend this option only in case you can imagine what the basic colors look like when mixed = which new color they will make when mixed. Or in case you have very dark hair (color range 1, 1B, 2, 3 and 4) and you are nor sure if you need one of these colors or a mix. Exact dark colors are harder to identify through a picture than fair colors, so swatches are perfect if you don't know whether your hair color is 1B or 2 or a mix of them, for example.

If you prefer checking your hair color with color swatches, just order color swatches, there are offers in all hair piece sections in the shop. You will need to pay a protective charge through paypal which will be refunded on safe return of the samples and after you have ordered your hair piece. This method is more time consuming than the picture check, because you must wait for your swatches to arrive via snail mail. We handmake the swatches, too, so we send you those of the colors you need only, not a full color ring or a strand of each color in our range.

There's an offer for ordering color swatches in each hair piece section. I don't want to provide a link here, because choice of basic colors is different for different hair piece lengths (extra long hair pieces of 39 inches/ 100 cm length have a smaller choice), so you should order your swatches from the listing in the section your desired hair piece is in.

3. FAQ: Can I snail-mail a strand of my hair?

Yes, you can, but I do not recommend this method for finding a great color match. As you can read further above we are able to reproduce all aspects of your own hair which usually cannot be displayed well or completely in just one strand. Hair pieces matched this way often differ from one's own hair. So we use this method only if you as our customer explicitely want us to, because our custom hair pieces cannot be returned.

II. Hair Piece Attachment

Magic Tribal Hair has developed special attachments for hair pieces providing extra strong hold even for stage performances and dancing. They are also more comfortable to wear than most other attachments and look more natural. It's also due to our attachments that most of our hair extensions offer several styling opportunities in just one hair piece! This saves you a lot of money, because you needn't necessarily buy a new hair piece for each styling idea of yours!

Our 3 practical attachment options:

1. Basic Hair Tie Attachment

2. Professional Fishtail Attachment (our recommended variant for highest comfort)

3. Clip Variant (for very short hair of 5- ca.10 cm/ 2-4 inches length and as highlights in long hair)

1. Basic Hair Tie Attachment (for shoulder long and longer hair)

The hair tie attachment is sufficient for single hair pieces of small volume sizes, especially size S and when you wish to braid the hair piece together with your own hair. Moreover it is often sufficient in case you want to wear your hair piece pinned up into a bun only.
For all other stylings and for shorter and thin/ fine hair we recommend our professional fishtail attachment. You can see why in the pictures below.

After you have pulled the hair piece over your own ponytail, your own hair is used to cover the junction and make the hair piece stay in place, see collage 1. this is much easier to do, less stressful for your own hair and also easier to handle with more hair than most of us usually have, so the additional hair from the professional fishtail attachment is needed. 

2. Professional fishtail attachment: For all hair lengths and also convenient with fine/ thin hair.

The hair piece comes on a strong hair tie as well which is used to pull it over your ponytail. The hair piece has two additional strands of open hair, one on each side of the hair piece. These strands complement your own hair/ add volume to your own ponytail. This means you have more hair to cover the attachment junction and secure the hair piece which makes attaching the hair piece much easier and wearing it more comfortable. You can even part your own ponytail into two strands and braid each of them together with one of the professional fishtail attachment strands - the result is a perfect fusion of your own hair and the hair piece which offers the strongest hold possible.

Hair pieces with professional fishtail attachment can be used for theatre and dance performances, too. On top of that most customers find this attachment more comfortable and easier to handle than the basic attachmanet of a hair tie only.

By the way, we call it fishtail attachment because the shape of the two additional strands reminded us of a fishtail. We warmly recommend the professional fishtail attachment for fine/ thin and regular hair and for hair which is shoulder long or shorter. Actually the professional attachment is never too much, you can also choose it with longer and thick hair. And last but not least it is perfect when you like the little buns which are formed on top of or around the braid or hair fall.

Professional attachment shown with extra long Rapunzel braid hair piece

professional braid hair piece attachment

Professional attachment shown with wavy size M hair falls

professional attachment shown with wavy size m hair falls

Different looks with our professional fishtail attachment

These are several options to try: For larger buns use your own hair, if sufficient, only to secure the braids and use the hair of the fishtail attachment for the buns only. The buns will get even bigger when you don't braid the strands but slightly twist each of them to make it more compact and then wrap it to buns. Naturally you can also try a mix and wrap one strand braided and the other one unbraided and slightly twisted.

3. Clip Variant (for very short hair of 5- ca. 10 cm/ 2-4 inches length and as highlights in long hair)

In principle we can make a clip-in variant of any hair extension but braided or twisted braids. Clip-ins are worn attached all over your head while braids start in one place where you actually tie together your own long hair, so clip-ins just don't work technically for attaching large Rapunzel braids. For now we have peacock feather clip-in extensions and fantasy clip hair pieces in our shop, clip-in dreadlocks and clip-in curls for nostalgic and historic hair styles. We will add more clip-in hair pieces in future!

How to attach clip in hair extensions!

If you have seen hair extensions attached to these clips before, you might have seen them being used slightly differently. Compared to mass-produced hair extensions where the comb teeth are pointing down, we are attaching these clips upside down with the comb teeth pointing up. Thius makes our hair extensions easier to attach this way and provides stronger hold. So attaching them differently to the hair piece than most other hair piece makers we do on purpose to get you an even better-working product!

III. Hair Piece Care


Hair pieces of kanekalon hair with open hair must always be combed after wearing them. Braids must be unbraided now and then, be combed and braided again, so you will always have a neat braid. If you pay attention to that, you will have very long-lasting hair pieces!
You can comb our hair falls and braids easily with a big highlight comb, look for a hand sawn one as these don't have sharp edges which could harm hair. Especially with hair falls which are worn open I recommend using body lotion and rubbing it into the hairpiece before combing it. This makes the comb glide through it easier and less hair will break. You can also make an efficient care spray/ conditioner at low costs of your own.

How to make a spray conditioner for hair pieces of kanekalon hair

We don't sell any care products, because the best/ most efficient conditioner is this self-made one that will save you a lot of money on top! Take an empty pump spray bottle (spray tanning lotion or spray hair conditioner for example) and fill it half with water half with body lotion/ or 1/3 water and 2/3 body lotion. You would need to try which mixture works best with the spray bottle you use, some bottles take less fluid liquids and some won't work with them. Close and shake before use - done! Please notice: If the hair falls get too wet by spraying let them dry before combing them. This is the major difference between synthetic and real hair, synthetic hair may never be combed when wet.
Want it even more comfortable? Then buy a bottle of spray MILK Body Lotion, which is more liquid than body lotion! 


Your hair fall may be washed in lukewarm water (30 degrees Celsius/ 86 degrees Farenheit). Only falls with feathers should not be washed, because the feathers could be damaged. Take out hair clips if you have attached some of them. Put water into a bowl, mix shampoo (do not use anti dandruff or shampoo for oily hair) into it and put the hair piece into the water-shampoo mixture.
Do not knead or wring your hair piece, just take it out of the basin at its hair tie and let water run over it. Hang it up and let it drip dry or put it onto a thick towel and then hang it up. Do not comb when wet or run your fingers trough it! Do not dry it with a hair dryer or expose it to another heat source, the hair will charge electrostatically will tangle more quickly or even become felted.

How to store hair pieces

The best way to store a hair piece is a paper box where it has enough room, so you don't have to fold it so it won't get buckled.
Never store hair pieces in a plastic bag, we use these only for safe packing for shipping! Never hang them up just on the wall where they will catch all dust and never hang them up between your clothes in the ardrobe, where they will get felted because of the friction from both sides.

Last chance for worn out hair falls

Even if you take good care of your hair fall it will not last forever, of course. If the ends become worn out just cut the last 3-5 cm/ 1-2''. The effect is the same as with real hair; the rest of the hair fall will fall nicer again, is easier to comb and looks "healthy". If this doesn't help any more check if your hair fall still looks great when worn as a plaited braid and if your plait can still be used for making a bun. Worn out hair falls with open hair can also be used for making huge & wild buns. Such buns you get easily with backcombing which would destroy a neat fall but a worn out hair piece is perfect for that!

IV Delivery time

We make all items by hand and to order, this is the only way to offer this special services like custom color matches. So you need to wait longer for our products than for mass-products which we don't offer at all ;). Still we do offer rush options at extra costs for some items, just contact us!
Rush offer means us working extra on weekends, holidays, evenings or at night to cut down production time, which makes the major part of delivery time. This is why we must charge you extra for this additional effort. Still it's the least expensive option for you to get your order quicker, because international express shipping usually cost 2-3 times as much as you have paid for your entire hair piece! And as said before it cuts down more days of the delivery time than shipping, because the priority shipping we use is quite quick already (3-5 business days for most countries in Europe, 5-9 business days to the US, 7-9 business days to Canada and 7-11 business days to Australia).

You find the delivery time in work days (Monday to Saturday) for each item and for many countries on top of the item description. Production time and shipping time ingo delivery time. We handmake all items to order, so production times can differ extremely and shipping time varies per country, hence the differences. If you order several items with different delivery times, the longest one might apply to your order. However if you are placing a larger order of 2 or more custom color hair pieces or several pieces of hair jewelry, delivery time might be longer than the one shown with the item with longest delivery time of your order. Please contact us right with your order in case you need your items for a special date or to discuss exact delivery time for your order. 

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