Diva Hair

Diva Hair

Peacock hair, hollywood style hair bun, fantasy braid, extra lush hair - which would be your diva hairstyle? Invisible hair piece tricks for lush'n'fancy wow-hairdos!

Diva hair styles to adorn your inner diva with especially lush, extravagant and fancy hair using the invisible hair piece trick!

Lush rose hair bun - easy styling with twist braid hairpiece!

Shop the look! Rose Hair Bun   ~   Twist Braid Headband   ~  Bronze Hair Flowers

Messy braid headband, chunky french braid style

Shop the look! Messy Braid Headband chunky style   ~  or discover all headband styles!

Supersize Fantasy Bun - the glamorous hollywood diva look!

Shop the look! Supersize Fantasy Bun   ~   Rapunzel Headband

Peacock hair extensions for peacock divas!

Shop the look! Peacock Extensions Set L size   ~   Peacock Feather Fascinator

Natural layered hair bun and peacock extensions - wedding diva look!

Shop the look! Layered Bun Hairpiece  ~  Peacock Extensions

Extra long & lush diva braid in fancy and natural hair colors!

Shop the look! Fantasy Braid Extra   ~  Snow White Headband

Diva beach braid look with dreadlocks extensions!

Shop the look! Lush Beach Braid   ~  Clip-in Dreadlocks   ~   Hair Flowers

Supersize Fantasy Twist Braid in all hair colors!

Shop the look! Supersize Fantasy Twist Braid   ~   Bronze Hair Flowers

Long & lush, wavy hair falls - gorgeous volume!

Shop the look! Wavy Size L Hair Falls   ~   Princess Braid Headband

Afrohemian summer hair with peacock extensions!

Shop the look! Afro Hair Falls Size M   ~   Peacock Extensions   ~   Twist Braid Headband


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