Clip-in Dread Falls RED HENNA COPPER

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Use our clip-in dreads in long and in short hair (from 5 cm/ 2 IN) and for many different styling options!

Color & Material

The color pictures for all red shades from witch red to henna, copper and some blond red and brown red blends are above. We offer the option to customize color blends like for example exchanging the black dreads in color witch red & black with a different color. You find all details and upcharges in respective color change offer.

Our dread falls are made of special, very lightweight high quality yarns, a synthetics-wool mixture. Hence they are much lighter in weight, softer, smoother and more flexible than regular dreadlocks of other fibres.

Each dreadlock end is sealed to give you long-lasting dreads! This means Magic Tribal Hair dreads won't get fringy ends and start to dissolve like yarn dreads without our sealing do.

See further below in this description how these clip-ins attach. It's easy to handle and attached to all kind of hair, even fine and thin hair.

Number of Dreads per Clip and Measurements

Each clip-in/ each clip carries 20-28 single dreadlocks, where the majority comes with the middle number of 24 single yarn dreads. You choose the length with your order, I recommend dreadlocks that marked as fine in the color in the shorter length up to 22.5 inches, because if longer, they will tangle to quickly.
The single dreads are Ø 0.5 - 1.5 cm/ 0.2-0.6'', only exceptions are the colors marked as "fine" in the charts which are about 0.7 cm/ 0.3'' in diameter.

"Fantasy" dreads (marked as such in the color charts) come with strands that differ from the typical dreadlocks texture. They look especially great for costumes like steampunk pirate, viking, forest elf, woodland fairy, mermaid, amazon warrior, forest witch etc. Some of these fantasy models come with even more than 28 strands due to additional decorative strands, so they cost a little extra which you can see in the color choice menu. The extra charge is per set, so it pays back picking a larger set with these colors.

Clip-in Dreads Attachment

This professional clip attachment is very easy to handle. There are braid hair pieces on the clips in the picture below, still the attachment is the same, because the clips are the same ones: Open the clip by pressing it slightly at both sides - the little comb part moves backwards leaving a gap - the clip is open. Take a thin strand of your hair and push in the little comb of the clip and push it up to the scalp, so it will not move and cannot pull or tweak. Press again at the sides to close.
Always take a strand a little below your parting (see pictures with fairer hair below), so there will be some hair on top to cover the clip. Naturally you can also attach it to other places on your head!
Take a very thin strand of hair only, if you take too much, the clip won't close properly. Do the pull test by pulling the extension. Does it hardly move? Then you did it just right! If it moves much more than 1 cm/ 0.4 inches, you took too much hair, so try a thinner strand in this case. Our clips are from professional wig production and they are made for use with thin/ fine hair and provide very strong hold!

End-sealed Locks for Long-Lasting Dread Falls

Each dreadlock end is sealed to give you long-lasting dreads! This sealing is hardly visible with dark colors like black and browns, dark gray and not very much visible with colorful models eithers. The lighter the yarn dreads, the more visible the sealing. This is inevitable, so please choose the very light/ fair colors only when you don't mind the small, dark ends. You should not cut these, the dreads would get fringy and start to dissolve from the end moving upwards and last much shorter than with the Magic Tribal Hair sealing. Applying this sealing is quite time-consuming, so we would save this step if not absolutely necessary. Because we want you to enjoy your dread falls for a long time! 

Sealed ends prevent the dreads from unraveling - you get long-lasting dreadlocks!

Dreadlocks Length: Order Your Custom Length

We seal each dreadlock at its end to guarantee you a long-lasting hair piece. This means that you should not cut the dreads but order them in right length for you. The maximum lengths of 57 cm/ 22.5 inches and 97 cm/ 38 inches are the perfect lengths for wearing these clip ins in our other hair extensions. Please use the "exact length" message box and fill in the length you need. You can leave it free when you need the maximum length of the set you buy. 

How to measure the right length for your dreads
If the maximum lengths of the sets are too long for you, please use the "exact length" box to insert the right length for you. Start measuring right at the parting in your hair until the tips of your hair. Add a few cm (up to 10)/ inches (up to 4) in case you are still growing your hair, so the dreads won't be too short soon. 10 cm/ 4 inches more than your own hair still look harmonic, that is why you should not add more length.

This item is hand-made to order especially in your hair length! Please understand that hair pieces cannot be returned for these and for hygienic reasons as well.

Set Sizes and Prices

Below you find more pictures illustrating the styling options you get with these dreadlocks and the different set sizes = number of clip-ins, so check the pictures below for all options how to wear and style these lightweight clip-in yarn dreadlocks!

The prices for the different lengths and set sizes are in the menu. Naturally you get a set discount, too, because we save time when we make several clips of the same color and length in a row, and when we save time, you save money :). 

How many clip-ins do I need for which styling?

Colorful Dreadlock Highlights in Your Own, Long Hair from 2 Clip-ins

2 clip-in dreads extensions with 20-28 single locks as highlights in long hair
2 dreadlock extensions with 20-28 single dreads in a long hair wig

These clip-in dreadlocks are perfect for adding colorful highlights to long hair or to a wig, especially for boho, Goth and steampunk looks and fantasy stylings, costuming like viking, forest witch, woodland fairy and other fantasy characters. 2 clip-ins are great for a few highlights framing your face.

Colorful Dreads to Blend with Your Own Hair, 5-7 Clip-ins

5-7 dreadlocks clip-ins with lots of locks to blend with your own hair

You need a set of minimum 5 clip-ins if you wish to blend the dread falls and your own long hair or the hair of a long-haired wig. My recommended set size is 6 clip-ins and for the fine dreadlock models 7 clip-ins.

Locks for Chignons and Updos, 2 Clip-ins and more

Dreadlocks als Strähnen mit Steampunk Dutten und Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Frisuren

Clip-in dreads make fantasy hairstyles like steampunk or tribal fusion belly dance buns look very special. You can wear the dreadlokcs down or wrap them around the hair bun. Yarn dreads are soft and flexible and easy to drape and pin with hair pins. The model is wearing 2 clip-ins, the doll 4 pieces of which 2 are wrapped around the bun.

Dreadlock Highlights in Braided Braids and Chignons/ Braided Hair Buns with 2 Clip-ins

Colorful dreadlock highlights braided into a hair piece braid and chignon bun cover.

Pimp your braid or chignon by adding 2 colorful dreadlock clip-ins! The clips are attached in the unbraided hair piece, then braided with the hair. You can add and remove them any time you want.

Highlights in Hair Falls of Synthetic Hair with 2 Clip-ins

Clip-in dreadlocks as highlights in synthetic hair falls

2 clip-ins are already enough for adding colorful highlights to a long ponytail hair fall. Both hair falls have volume size M, the purple-auburn one is of wavy hair and the blond one has our special wild style hair texture. The blond model is wearing a third clip-in at the left side of her head in her own hair.

Dread Fall in 5-15 cm/ 2-5.9 Inches Short Hair from 5 Clip-ins

Clip-in dread fall full mane in short hair with 6 clip-ins

These dreadlock clip-ins are a great option for wearing a dread fall in short hair (2- approx. 6 inches short hair/ 5- ca. 15 cm short hair). You need a set of 5-6 clip-ins for this purpose, depending on how rich you want your dread fall to be. The thicker the single dreads in the dread fall model you choose the fewer the number of clip-ins you need for a full mane. For most models we recommend 6-7 clip-ins for a realistic look. If you want extra volume or choose a model with fine dreads, you might want to have 8-9 clip-ins. Use a hair scarf to cover your short hair on the sides of your head to complete the illusion!

How to arrange your clip-ins in short hair

The clips are attached in rows forming pyramid shape on the back of your head. Here we show 4 clip-ins only so you can see why we advise 6-7 clip-ins for this hairstyle. The top row clips always fill the gaps of the row beneath. With 6 or 7 clip-ins you can add another row making the look fuller and since the rows are longer, the dreads will fall more to the sides as well. 

Dreadlocks with Braided and Twist Dreads Braids

These soft and flexible yarn dreads are easy to braid and twist. Such braided and twisted dreadlocks braids are gorgeous for wild hairdos, Medieval and Renaissance hairstyles and larp costumes like vikings, steampunk pirates, shamans, amazon warriors, elves and many more! They look best with the colors with thicker dreadlocks.
My tip: Braid/ twist them before attaching them to your hair, this is easier and quicker.

Clip in dreadlocks with braided and twisted braids in viking and Renaissance style

Fancy Combinations: Clip-in Dreads and Other Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in Dreads look gorgeous combined with other clip-in hair extensions by Magic Tribal Hair! This is also the option to create fancy boho stylings and elaborte fantasy hairstyles in just a couple of minutes! Extremely popular for fantasy cosplay costumes like woodland fairy and elf, forest witch, amazon warrior, shaman..., Medieval and viking larp costumes and tribal fusion belly dance. 

Combine these dread falls with other clip-in extensions for your perfect costume hair!

Clip-in hair extensions and braids custom-matched to your hair color are here!

Clip-in fantasy hairpieces with various decorations like tribal buttons and steampunk elements, ostrich and peacock feather extensions are here!

Please contact us for any questions about super lightweight and multi-styling clip-in dreadlocks!

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carina136 in unserem Shop auf Etsy am 30. Sep. 2023 Posted on 14 January 2024 at 18:48

Set Size2 clips, 22.5"/ 57cm
Color23 steampunk amazon

Farben und Qualität sind super. Habe es mir ein ticken fester vorgestellt, aber denke so ist es angenehmer zu tragen. Ich habe selber rot gefärbte Haar und so kann ich die gemischten Farbe sehr gut tragen.

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