Payment & Coupons


Coupons codes must be inserted straight with your order during checkout process and cannot be redeemed later on. If you forgot to insert the coupon code, you can still use it for your next order, at least in case it won't have expired by then. 
Discount coupons can be used for all items in our shop, but not for already discounted items in our sale section or gift cards and surprise bags, unless this is stated specifically in the discount offer. If there is a minimum order value for any coupon, the minimum order value is the value your order must have before the coupon is deducted. Your order value is the sum of all items ordered except gift cards, surprise bags and shipping costs.
Surprise bag coupons and coupons for other free items can only be used if your order value is equal to or higher than the order value announced in the offer. Your order value is the sum of all items ordered except gift cards, surprise bags and shipping costs.
Free shipping coupons are for worldwide shipping. If bound to a certain order value they can be used if your order value is equal to or higher than the order value announced in the offer. Your order value is the sum of all items ordered except gift cards, surprise bags and shipping costs. 

All coupons announced in the slideshow on the homepage of this shop, on our Facebook page, in our newsletter or on our flyers etc. can only be used once per customer. You can't redeem more than 1 coupon per order, the only exceptions are gift vouchers. If you wish to use a coupon and redeem a gift voucher, please contact us in advance.
The ~16 % discount for customers with shipping address outdise the European Union can always be combined with a coupon, because it is deducted automatically.


You can pay us in 3 ways. We do not charge any extra costs for any payment method.
1. Paypal
2. Credit Card
3. Bank Transfer

1. Paypal
You can use your paypal balance for payment, connect your credit card with paypal or have paypal debit your bank account. You don't need a paypal account for paying through paypal.

2. Credit Card: Visa & Mastercard
We accept Visa & Mastercard payments. Payment with other credit cards can only be effected through paypal. 
When you choose Visa or Mastercard credit card payment, you will be directed to Payone, our payment provider's site. Please check if your address has been transferred correctly and add your credit card information. We use the security checks Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode, in case you have not signed up for them yet, you must do this before you can use your credit card in our web shop.

3. Bank Transfer
Bank transfer is only accessible for customers within the European Union. Please note that payments must be made in €. If you are in a non-Euro country, you must still pay in €, because our billing currency is € and we only accept € payments. If your currency is a different one, your bank will charge you a conversion fee. Therefore we recommend customers in non-Euro countries to pay through credit card or paypal instead. 

Payment is due straight with your order and must be received within 3 business days (Monday to Friday). Delivery time shown on top of the item description can only be met if you effect payment straight with your order. Therefore we sent you the first payment reminder as early as 1 hour after your order. Magic Tribal Hair is allowed to cancel your order if your payment has not received upon the third business day after your order. Please inform Magic Tribal Hair if the payment cannot be effected in time for any reasons!

Discounts - We do like fair prices!

This means our prices don't have any pre-calculated margins which we could use for discount actions. Or in different words: We prefer offering you the lowest price possible constantly instead of having a lot of special discount actions! 
Naturally we love having a goody for you now and then, but this should stay something special just like our individually made products!

We do offfer general discounts when we are able to save major expenses like when we don't have to pay taxes for specific sales! Read more below!

Sales tax/ VAT is removed, which means you get ~ 16 % discount off regular shop prices, when:
Your shipping address is in the USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland or any other country outside the European Union.
We are obliged to pay sales tax/ VAT to the German tax office off all sales shipped within the European Union. The final prices you see in the shop containsales tax/ VAT. But if we are not charged, we won't have to charge you! If you enter a delivery address in a Non-European-Union country, sales tax/ VAT is removed. This means ~ 16 % discount off the prices you see. You see the changes in your shopping cart after entering your address and choosing the shipping method. Your invoice which is sent to you after payment also contains the remark "VAT removed".
To get your final price when strolling through the shop, please draw 16 % discount.
It is 19 % taxes which will be removed but expressed in discount this is ~ 16 % for calculatory reasons, please read below why. 

Why ~ 16 % and not 19 %?
It's because you calculate it the other way round. We take the our net price, the amount we must get for our item, calculate 19 % of it and add it to our price. This results in the price you see in the shop. But as you don't know our net price, you must do it the other way round - deduct off the prices in the shop. Deducting 19 % would give a wrong result, but with 16 % you have a variantion of a few Eurocents only.

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