Gift Card/ Gift Coupon, pick desired value!

€ 15,00 incl. VAT
Delivery time: Will be sent the day of payment or business day after as PDF document through e-mail.

Magic Tribal Hair gift coupon for our web shop www.magic-tribal-hair.com, valid for two years from date of issue. Please choose your desired value from the menu or contact us in case you need a different value than offered in our menu.

The picture is a sample and the terms in capital letters are replaced with your chosen value, order date and the name of the gifted person. You needn't give a name for the gifted person, we will fill in a name only if you leave a name in the message box during checkout. We will e-mail the gift coupon as PDF file the day of payment or the business day after which means zero shipping costs.

You can see prices in our shop in many currencies, but gift coupons we must hand out in € Euro currency, because this is our billing currency. When you place an order seeing all prices in $ for example, these are converted to € during the final step during checkout. As a conclusion the system needs a € gift coupon to be able to deduct the right amount.

The gift card contains a coupon code which can be inserted during checkout and which we activate straight with your purchase of the gift card. This coupon code can be used only once. The only exception is when an order with value lower than the gift coupon is placed. Then the coupon code remains valid for the remaining amount and the gifted person will be able to use the remaining value for a second purchase as long as this is done within 2 years from the date we issued the coupon. 

The gift coupon can be used for all our products except gift coupons, which means you are not allowed to use this coupon to buy another coupon. The minimun order value (= value of your items) of € 15 may not be undercut.

The pictures show gift coupons in English and German language. Naturally you will get the English coupon when you order through the English site!

Gift coupons cannot be paid out in cash or be returned. Amounts left cannot be paid out or refunded either, but be redeemed with a new purchase within the 2 years validity of the coupon.

Reviews are published only upon authentication. Reviews which cannot be linked to an order are not published, so please insert the mail address of your order with your review! Naturally your mail address won't be published. All details here!

Karoline Friedmann Posted on 20 January 2019 at 07:55

Über die praktische Erfahrung kann ich nicht mitreden ;-) Mir gefällt voll allem die kreative Vielfalt :-)
Vielen Dank auch für die sehr freundliche Service und nachfrage bzgl.
der versehentlich 2 kleine Gutscheine statt 1 Großem.
Lg Karoline

Astrid Posted on 12 June 2018 at 17:59

Einfach DAS perfekte Geschenk da es hier im Shop so viele tolle Dinge gibt! Der Gutschein kam superschnell an und das einlösen war komplikationslos möglich.

5 stars based on 2 reviews Add your review!
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