Rush my braid - braided & twisted!

€ 25,00 incl. VAT
available (2 pieces)
Delivery time: Extra schnelle Handanfertigung: DE: 3-11 T, A & CH: 5-12 T, T = Werktage, genaue Lieferzeit je Modell in Artikelbeschreibung! Erfordert Zahlung per Paypal oder Kreditkarte direkt bei Bestellung.

Rush my braid - add this upgrade to your ponytail braid order and we will make your braid extra quickly!

This express option is available for all 50 and 90 cm/ 20 and 36 inches long classic braids braided and twisted, messy style, crimped and wavy hair. Naturally also for the halo braid crowns and bun updos of these braids!

Please note different delivery times for the different braid models, the rush offer works best in price and time reduction for braids of crimped hair in both lengths and in messy style.

Rush delivery times for your braid when you add this upgrade:

The shorter, reduced delivery time is mostly enough for a single braid, we usually need the longer, reduced delivery time for braid pairs.

Single braid and braid pair, crimped hair, 50 cm/ 22 IN and 90 cm/ 36 IN long:

Europe & UK: 5-7 business days (regular delivery time is 8-12 business days)
USA: 5-7 business days (regular delivery time is 10-16 business days)
CA/ AU/ NZ: 8-12 business days (regular delivery time is 12-18 business days)

Single braid and braid pair, messy style, 50 cm/ 22 IN long:

Europe & UK: 6-9 business days (regular delivery time is 10-15 business days)
USA: 6-9 business days (regular delivery time is 12-19 business days)
CA/ AU/ NZ: 10-14 business days (regular delivery time is 14-21 business days)

Single braid and braid pair, wavy hair, 50 cm/ 22 IN long:

Europe & UK: 7-10 business days (regular delivery time is 14-19 business days)
USA: 7-10 business days (regular delivery time is 16-23 business days)
CA/ AU/ NZ: 9-13 business days (regular delivery time is 18-25 business days)

Single braid and braid pair, wavy hair, 90 cm/ 36 IN long:

Europe & UK: 11-13 business days (regular delivery time is 18-23 business days)
USA: 11-13 business days (regular delivery time is 20-27 business days)
CA/ AU/ NZ: 12-15 business days (regular delivery time is 22-29 business days)

If you placed and paid your order before 9:00 in the morning (Central European Time) on a business day, delivery time starts the same day. If you placed your order later or send your payment later or ordered on a holiday or Sunday, delivery time starts the next business day.

Dates only apply if you pay promptly with your order and use an instant payment method like Paypal or Visa/ Mastercard.


We handmake all braid hair extensions to order. When you add this upgrade, your order will be pushed to the front and made especially early. We can realize this by working evening/ night and Sunday shifts. We gladly offer you this special service for a little extra payment ;)!


Same quality for rush order as for regular orders!

Naturally your hair piece will be made with the same passion and accuracy as with regular delivery time. To guarantee the same quality we limit these express offers and don't offer them all time to make sure we don't exceed our capacities.

The upgrade must be added to your classic braided or twisted braid order. Pick the upgrade for the single braid or for the braid pair through the menu!

Don't buy this upgrade without a braid, this does not make any sense :)!

You'd like to add more items to your fantasy braid order? There are two options:

1. You do not need the other items as quickly as your fantasy braid:

Please place two separate orders, because we must send your express fantasy braid seperately. 

2. You need your other items as urgently as your express fantasy braid:

Please add respective express options to these items as well. Please contact us before placing an order with more than 3 express items!
If your several express items have diferent delivery times, the longest one is the relevant one. 

This rush-my-order-offer is especially interesting for international customers outside Germany, because it's the cheapest and most time saving way for you to get your order quicker.

The major part of delivery time is our processing time to handmake your item. Also international shipping upgrades usually cost more than our rush fees, so it's more economical for you if we work a night shift extra to make your dream braid super quickly! Plus it saves a larger amount of time!

Please contact us for any questions about this rush offer for handmade braid pontail hair extensions in your hair color!


Reviews are published only upon authentication. Reviews which cannot be linked to an order are not published, so please insert the mail address of your order with your review! Naturally your mail address won't be published. All details here!

Brigitte Posted on 14 June 2021 at 21:38

Da ich den Zopf schnell benötigte habe ich die Expressvariante gewählt. Es war alles in perfekter Farbe , wunderbar gearbeitet und wirklich schnell geliefert vielen lieben Dank dafür liebe Melanie du bist ein wahrer troubleshooter
und dein Expressservice ist top

Stefan Posted on 4 September 2018 at 13:01

Was soll ich sagen...

unter anderem habe ich einen Zopf für meine Frau als Überraschung bestellt.
Als Krönung dann noch mit Eilzuschlag weil ich einen Termin verschwitzt hatte.
Keine Woche später kam ein Paket mit vielen tollen Sachen und meine Frau ist außer sich vor Freude.
Ich kann an dieser Stelle nur Danke sagen auch im Namen meiner Frau, die mit allem (Qualität, Farbe, Verarbeitung etc.) sehr zufrieden ist!
Danke an Magic Tribal Hair (Melanie) die Alles möglich gemacht hat!

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