Braid size M Extra, waves

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Delivery time: Category 5: I am handmade to order esp. 4 U! Europe & UK: 18-23 BD, USA: 20-27 BD, CA/ AU/ NZ: 22-29 BD, BD=business days, applies only if you pay & note hair color details promptly with your order. Ordering 2 or more items? Please check info in policies!

Braid, volume size M in extra long with wavy hair texture! Made to order and custom-matched to your hair color. 

A single M extra braid offers natural volume in a gorgeous length.
Can be worn completely braided or half open as in the pictures or twisted as twist braid. If you want a braid of wavy hair that looks rich as open hair fall as well, we recommend the L size braid of wavy hair. If you prefer making braided updos I recommend braids of crimped hair, because they make richer updos. 

This braided hair piece is about 3,5 cm/ 1.4 inches wide and 90 cm/ 36 inches long when worn braided.

Please understand that this personalized item is made to order especially for you and cannot be returned! Read all details in our general terms and conditions.
Some product pictures show how to combine this hair piece with other hair jewelry, clip-in hair pieces etc.. These items must be purchased extra.

We only use Kanekalon hair - best quality in synthetic hair! 
Kanekalon hair has a real touch feeling, a natural shine and is very carefree.

All hair pieces are delivered with detailed instructions for attachment, use and care. 


Choose between two attachment options in the menu above: 

1. Basic Attachment = strong hair tie

You can choose the basic attachment, if your hair is longer than shoulder long and if you don't have fine/ thin hair. Still the fishtail attachment is most practical for braids and never too much, you can add it for any hair length! 
There are several ways to use the basic hair tie attachment:
1. The braid is opened, attached to your own ponytail and braided together with your own hair, see pictures with blonde haired doll below. This is the most time consuming attachment and you need some additional hair jewelry to cover the attachment properly and hide the bonding part where the hair is bonded with glue. Still this is a popular way of attachment for many customers.
2. Attach the braid braided to your own ponytail. Your own hair is used to counter-secure the hair fall by being wrapped around the attachment and being secured with hair pins (see first row with black braid). You can also braid your hair before wrapping it around (see second row with blonde lady). This makes an even nicer finish and it is easier to secure and less stressful for your own hair.
basic hair tie attachment instructions for braid

2. Professional Fishtail Attachment = strong hair tie and two additional strands of hair which complement your own hair so you have more to wrap around the attachment.

This means it's much easier to
1st secure the hair extension and 
2nd to cover the junction of your own hair and the synthetic hair!
The direct fusion of your own hair and the additional hair of the fishtail attachment offers maximum hold and is the most natural looking way to attach a hair piece!
This fishtail attachment upgrade provides extra strong hold (i.e. needed for acting and dancing) and most customers find it more comfortable to wear and easier to handle than the basic attachment. I named it fishtail attachment, because the two extra strands reminded me of the shape of a fishtail when I created this attachment method.
The fishtail attachment is highly recommended when you have thin/ fine hair or hair shorter than shoulder long. As it is never too much, you can even add it, if your hair is shoulder long or longer, of course. It is also nice to have, if you like the small buns which occur when the fishtail attachment is used.

Click here if you wish to see some more styling variants with professional fishtail attachment!

Hair Color

One's own hair usually consists of 2-3 colors, but for technical reasons with this extra long hair, we can only offer a mix of maximum 2 colors. So we include up 1-2 colors in the price. Colors can only be roughly blended, which results in a highlight mix when you choose two colors. If you don't want that, choose 1 color only. 
This means we might not be able to match your hair color for this extra long hair piece 100 %, but we can get very close. Feel free to check before your order how close we can get with our match. If you are not happy with that, you can still choose a shorter fall - we can always offer a 100 % match for 55 cm/ 22 inches hair falls!

Click here for extra large color charts!

Click here for more information about choosing the right color mix!


How to give us perfect color instruction in 3 steps only, with the help of the menus above

The price includes a custom mix of up to 2 basic colors.

1st menu HAIR COLOR, choose your colors or enter "advice needed".

Press Ctrl and click 1 or two colors you wish to choose for your hair piece. You cannot choose more than 2 colors for this hair piece length. 
Option: If you want to make your purchase, but still need our support in choosing the best color match, choose "Advice needed!" instead. In this case delivery time cannot be met, because we can only start making your order when all information is complete. If extra costs because of a special colors occur, we will send you a manual invoice and delivery time will only start after payment for this second invoice has been effected.

2nd box for optional color proportions "Insert proportions for colors if desired here"

If you wish more of one color and less of another use the little message box to insert desired proportions (e.g. 2/3 of color 8 and 1/3 of color 30). When you leave this box free, we will use equal proportions of all colors.


Put the hair piece in your cart to safe your choice!

Do you need any help? Feel free to send us a picture of your hair and we will give advice! Naturall you can also order color matches to check color details yourself.

Click here for all information about appropriate pictures and sample orders!

Contact us for any questions about our braids which are custom-matched to your hair color!

Reviews are published only upon authentication. Reviews which cannot be linked to an order are not published, so please insert the mail address of your order with your review! Naturally your mail address won't be published. All details here!

Anne Sophie in our shop on Etsy on May 26, 2015 Posted on 3 October 2022 at 16:52

belle texture et d'une belle longueur.

Kellye Vogel Posted on 12 November 2018 at 09:47

I have ordered a couple of different braids and falls from Melanie at Magic Tribal Hair. I was very happy with the quality, length and thickness of the braid / fall. Not only were they very thick and long, but also lightweight, easy on the head. The hair looks authentic. I am looking forward to my next order. -K. Vogel

Ulrike Posted on 29 June 2018 at 18:51

Mein erstes Haarteil von Magig Tribal Hair! Damals nur mit Basisbefestigung erhältlich. Heute bevorzuge ich die Flossenbefestigung, da wirklich einfacher zu handhaben. Leider habe ich den Fehler gemacht und einen gepressten Kamm beim Auskämmen benutzt.. Durch die Plastiknaht wurde das Kunsthaar stark beschädigt und der Zopf sah bald so unansehnlich aus, dass ich ihn um die Hälfte kürzen musste. Meine Empfehlung deshalb unbedingt: Nur handgesägte Kämme verwenden!

Anmerkung von Melanie - Magic Tribal Hair: Vielen Dank für Deine tolle Bewertung, Ulrike! Ja, gegossene Kämme sind sowohl schlecht für das eigene Haar als auch für Kunsthaar. Da ein Großteil der im Handel angebotenen Kämme jedoch gegossen ist, steht der Hinweis auch in der Gebrauchs- und Pfegeanleitung, mit der jedes Haarteil geliefert wird, hier die relevante Stelle "Unbedingt einen großen/ grobzinkigen, Strähnenkamm verwenden und KEINE Haarbürste! Achten Sie unbedingt darauf, dass der Kamm handgesägt ist, aus Plastik gegossene Kämme haben oft Kanten mit denen man das Haar auf Dauer beim Kämmen regelrecht kaputt reißt. "

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